OverviewWe are a theory and computational group that studies complex fluids and materials. 
Paul C. Millett
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
University of Arkansas

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Nanoparticle-stabilized emulsions, including bijels and Pickering emulsions, and the morphology of these systems in confinement and/or under the influence of electric fields.
Funding: NSF
Porous polymer membranes, formed by phase inversion.  We simulate the temperature-induced and solvent induced phase separation process at the pore scale.
Funding: 3M / NSF
Directed self-assembly of block copolymers, using a moving thermal gradient, also known as zone annealing.  We study the degree of long-range order with varying zone velocities and other conditions.
Funding: NSF
Pores and gas bubbles in nuclear materials, develop during irradiation.  We investigate the microscale distribution and evolution of these features in the solid material.
Funding: DOE
[78] Cervellere MR, Yang Y, Qian X, Ford DM, Millett PC.  Mesoscopic simulations of thermally-induced phase separation in PVDF/DPC solutions.  Journal of Membrane Science 577 (2019) 266-273. [DOI]

[77] Wise MB, Millett PC.  Two-dimensional bicontinuous structures from symmetric surface-directed spinodal decomposition in thin films.  Physical Review E 98 (2018) 022601.  [DOI]

[76] Carmack JM, Millett PC.  Tuning thin-film bijels with applied external electric fields.  Soft Matter 14 (2018) 4344-4354.  [DOI]

[75] Hill JD, Millett PC.  Numerical simulations of directed self-assembly in diblock copolymer films using zone annealing and pattern templating.  Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 5250.  [DOI]

[74] Berry BE, Millett PC.  Phase-field simulations of the impact of bimodal pore size distributions on solid-state densification.  Journal of Nuclear Materials 491 (2017) 48-54.  [DOI]

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04/07/16: U of A Honors 15 Faculty and Staff Grant Recipients

08/21/15: NSF Grant Supports Development of Nanoparticle Porous Membranes

08/04/15: University of Arkansas to Lead New Center With Industrial Solutions Focus

03/17/15: Doctoral Fellow Working to Develop Next Generation of Materials

10/28/14: U.S. Department of Energy Grant Will Further Study of Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Reactors

09/08/14: University of Arkansas Students Honored at SPIE Conference

09/23/13: New Mechanical Engineering Professor Models Nanomaterials
Joseph Hill
PhD student
BS: Physics, BYU-Idaho
Rosario Cervellere
PhD student
BS: ME, Arkansas
Justin Jack
PhD student
BS: ME, Arkansas
Joseph Carmack, PhD, 2018
Dissertation: Mesoscale computatational studies of thin-film bijels.

Brian Wise, MSME, 2018
Thesis: Effects of surface-directed spinodal decomposition on binary thin-film morphology.

Bruce Berry, MSME, 2017
Thesis: Numerical simulation of metallic uranium sintering.

Ian Vance, MSME, 2017
Thesis: Computer simulation of pore migration due to temperature gradients in nuclear oxide fuel.

Ashley Green, BS, 2018
Honors Thesis: Phase field model of thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) for the formation of porous polymer membranes.

Reihle Saldana, BS, 2018
REU: Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of multi-phase fluid flow in channel constrictions.

Rosario Cervellere, BS, 2015
REU: Computer modeling of surfactant in two-phase liquids.